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How daily lifestyles affect your spine health?

Spine is considered as the backbone of our body that helps to balance the body with correct posture but the fact is that majority of people don’t take care spine pain seriously . Nowadays, in this modern era, everyone is busy working on their routine and office works but taking care of body is equally important or else it can create interruptions in your daily work. It’s quite obvious that if you are doing a desk job that is probably 48 hours a week or more, you are likely to get back pain lately. The good thing is that now you don’t need to go far away anywhere looking for the best spine doctors because you can also have your spine surgery in India with efficient results.

It’s important to take possible care of the spine because back pains are the worst and if it gets severe, you might need to consult a spine specialist or have spine surgery depending upon the spine problem.  In this blog, we are going to discuss important points that how daily lifestyles affect the spine unknowingly.

Some common mistakes that invite back pain are:

Force: Too much force is never good for anything, if you are doing some work that exerts too much force on the back then it might result in back pain. Lifting or moving heavy objects for a long time can cause severe back injuries.

Repetition: Repeating specific body movements such as rotating and twisting can also cause back pain and back sprains.

Inactivity: Inactivity means sitting in the same posture for a long time without moving can also cause back pain. Always do minor exercises and body stretching to keep joint and back pains away.

Lifestyle habits that damage the spine are as follows:

1)  Driving:

Most common mistakes people do while driving is sitting in the middle of seat while driving that leads to back pain because lower back doesn’t get enough support. If you are the one who regularly drives, get yourself a car pillow.

2)  Sleeping on poor posture

Many people have a habit of sleeping on the stomach but it’s not a good habit as it leads to back pain. Always prefer to sleep on the back.

3)  Sitting on a desk all-day

Constant Working on the desk without movement leads to spine ache. Always stretch and exercise in between work to prevent future spine injuries.


4)  Caffeine intake

Caffeine and soda consumption reduces calcium absorption hence making your bones more prone to pain.

5)  Wearing high heels

It’s fine to wear high heels sometimes but always choose heels that maintain correct body posture.

6)  Overuse of smartphone

Continuous peeping in the phone screen with the bent head causes stress to the upper spine. Always hold the phone at the right angle with the right body posture.


EndNote: Back pain is not the serious thing, people of almost every age groups suffer from the minor back pain in whole life. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and daily exercising can relieve back pain and other joint problems. According to the survey, youth prefers to choose the medical field because of the growing craze of the medical industry hence; you can easily find the best spine doctor in India at every corner of the state.

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