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Home & Garden Leaking Shower Repair

Leaking Shower floor – here is the list of possibilities that caused leaking

Leaking shower base Melbourne can cause too much damage in the house listing from odour, the damped area near the shower, tile damage, watermarks on the ceiling below the shower, mould and more. So detecting these leaks on time is necessary. One of the easiest and DIY shower floor leak checking can be done by sealing the drainage and filling the shower floor with water and checking for the reduction in water level. If found, then there is a leaking in the shower floor that could be causing the damage.

Along with regular Leaking Shower Floor detection, one must also know the reason why the shower floor is leaking? Why knowing the cause of the leak is important? If you are sick, can you get cured by taking any medicine? You need to know all the symptoms and to doctor based on symptoms name the disease and give the specific medication for that particular disease. Similarly, if you know the exact cause of the leak, then you can fix it more effectively and appropriately. If you want to get rid of this process then just call up shower care services, and they will take care of the rest! Here is a list of some of the possible reason that could be causing the leak.

Poor drainage

One of the major cause of the shower floor leans is poor drainage. This is mainly because of the seepage of water between the drain and the floor beside it. This is because apart from the drain hole you see, there is another drain hole, it is for waterproofing. When this gets faulty water seepages in the floor occurs.

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Malfunctioning liners

Liners are the key to keeping the water of the shower from spilling all over the place. Anything that goes wrong with lines and ugh, it could end up with the shower floor leaking. Grouts up to an extent do help to stop the water from leaking between the tiles, but they need the help of liners too. So make sure you have an appropriate shower line along with sealed grouts.

Waer and tear

Showers are everybody’s favourite, and no one can be stopped from taking showers, they are a luxury that is sometimes a necessity. Everything in the bathing area is perfect and seem to last for a long time until it comes in contact with the water. Over the period bathing area shows a lot of wear and tear tho it is cleaned and dried every day. The sealants may be ripped off, the grout may be torn, the drainage may be somehow affected, water clogging problems and more could end up in floor leaking.


After figuring out the cause of shower floor leaking you can either figure out to fix the problems with a DIY solution, temporary fix or get the help of a trained professional or expert regarding it. If are unable to find the exact cause of the lean than better take the advice of experts that trying out all the possible fix and waiting if any of them works.

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