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Reasons Why A Trampoline Isn’t Your Kid’s First Indoor Activity

Planning to buy a trampoline? Do you know what to consider before making your decision? This article offers simple reasons why not just a trampoline is not the right choice for your kids but why it might be better for them and for you in the long run! Take a look at the factors which should be taken into account when buying the best trampoline in NZ for your child.

Are you looking to find the best place to buy your kid’s first trampoline at? Have you read some articles on backyard trampolines and are confused about how to make sure it is for them? Are you not sure if your kid’s trampoline will be safe as they might slip out of the bars/stretch bands/gates? then continue reading the blog till the end to know more about trampolines in detail! 

  • Why a trampoline might not be what your child needs?

Many parents are hesitant to give their children a trampoline because they think the activity is too dangerous.

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In most cases, this might not be true. A study showed that just 3% of kids who had a trampoline-related accident ended up with either life-threatening injuries or major brain damage. Trampolines are a lot safer than they seem, as this study shows.

  • When to buy a trampoline for your child?

Buying a trampoline for your child is a big purchase and should not be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider before making the decision such as where and when they will use it, how often they’ll use it, what skills they need to develop with the trampoline and the size of the area where they will be playing with it.

  • What are the pros and cons of buying retail vs. used trampolines?

For some people, the cost is a substantial factor in getting a new trampoline. However, not everyone can afford to drop eight hundred dollars on a brand new one when it will barely last six months before needing replacement parts.

best trampoline in nz

One option that might be better, in the long run, is buying a used trampoline. With only minimal wear and tear and it can still provide hours of enjoyment for years before needing replacing again.

  • Buying tips for the most important features

One important thing to consider when buying a trampoline is safety. The first and most important feature you should buy to be sure your child is being safe while jumping on the new trampoline of their own accord is a net. That way they will know they can’t accidentally fall off. A bounce pole can also help them reinforce certain jumps before going all the way down the mat from more elevated positions.


A lot of kids choose the perfect trampoline as the first outlet for their energy. Numerous parents purchase these seemingly innocent little contraptions to ensure that their children have safe fun indoors. But then the cheap string breaks and children are stuck, unable to pivot and soar or let off some steam. They’re not watching their back enough, going into other houses too often, or hopping too close to neighbors’ yards.


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