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Few Simple Things to Remember About Double Glazed Windows!

Those days are gone when most people use to install single glazed windows in their house. As the name suggests it’s made with a single pane of glass which is not going to be much effective in the winter seasons. In winter we need our home to be warm and for that Purpose these days Double Glazed Windows Melbourne is used. The double glazed window has two-pane glasses Sealed with air between them, which work as an insulator. It makes the window more effective to keep the heat inside the house.

Material for Double-glazed window

Double-glazed windows can be made from materials like:

  1. UPVC frames, which are used vastly, as they don’t require regular maintenance and can be recycled.
  1. Wooden frames used in supervision areas. They look good, and are better for the environment, but can be a bit high-maintenance.
  1. Aluminum or steel can be recycled and are long-lasting options for the window.
  1. Composite frames made by using an inner timber frame which is covered with aluminum or plastic as both are low-maintenance and stand up well to the Melbourne weather!

Double Glazed Windows Melbourne

The right double glazed window for your home

There are many types of designed windows available in the market and for installing double glazed windows in Melbourne. You need to know about the window.

  1. Casement windows

These windows are attached to the frame using hinges, can be open to the side, or top and bottom so they can easily tilt and turn. They usually open inward and are easier to clean. UPVC is generally used to make casement windows but Timber or aluminum is also a good option.

  1. Flush casement windows

Flush casement windows are quite similar to casement windows but the main difference is that they stay in line with the frame, rather than extending out.

  1. Sash windows

Sash windows generally open by lifting the frame up and down in which one pane is moving, while the other is fixed. They are called Single-hung Windows whereas in double-hung windows, both panes are moving– up and down.

  1. Bay windows

Bay windows are set of three or more windows and have a distinctive curved design. It looks great and allows more light in the house.

Effectiveness of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing window has many advantages and is more effective for your house if compares to a Single glazing window:

  1. Double Glazing Keeps warm air in your property are better insulators. This results in less breeze and cheaper heating bills.
  2. Double glazing Keeps noise out so you will hear less noise from outside.
  3. It Reduces the amount of moisture on the inside of your windows.
  4. A double-glazed Window is more difficult to break than a single-glazed window. So it provides security to the house.

But its effectiveness depends on what material you are replacing and the quality of the product you buy.

It provides Security and is cost-effective

In winter when the cold breeze is affecting your house environment. You use the heater to maintain room temperature, which is not good for your energy bill and the environment. Double Glazed Windows Melbourne provides you Security from theft threats and cold winter breeze by maintaining the heat in winters plus it does not allow unwanted outside noise to pass in through the window. It has only positive benefits for your house.

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