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The 5 Best Ways to Style Your White Sneakers This Spring

No matter the season, there’s something fun about wearing white sneakers. They instantly bring out the fun-loving, carefree side of your personality while allowing you to play with colour in your other clothing pieces. That’s why we love them, and you should, too! Here are 5 simple ways to style your Womens White Sneakers this spring season that are sure to look great no matter where you’re headed.

Add Layers

Don’t wear those women’s white sneakers on their own. While they look great with casual jeans, don’t forget that you can always add some interest by layering them under a dressy skirt or pairing them with a fun pair of printed pants. Make sure your outfit looks deliberate; some women tend to add layers as an afterthought, ending up with mismatched pieces that don’t quite work together. Avoid that mistake and let your shoes do all the talking by adding these items one at a time in order from the outermost layer to the innermost layer.

Play With Proportions

One of the easiest ways to make a great sneaker look even better is by adding an unexpected style element. We’re so confident you’ll get compliments on these styles that we think you should play with proportions and try your white sneakers with a killer pair of ankle socks. Or turn an everyday jean jacket into something spectacular by pairing it with some cut-off shorts—your friends will surely be jealous. If you want to take it one step further, try your white sneakers with shorts and a structured blazer for a polished but cool vibe. It’s okay to go wild: The best part about wearing women’s white sneakers out of season is that no one has any expectations.

Work With Different Materials

Step away from a neutral colour palette and work with bold colours. The best part about white sneakers is that they’re easy to match with other colours, especially bright and colourful ones. Go crazy! Try wearing them with orange, pink, purple, or blue—they look great when paired. Remember, though, and they can look good on their own too (as long as you wear something simple like a T-shirt underneath). Pairing them with darker colours will also help brighten up your overall outfit. Another option is to keep things simple and pair them with your everyday business; you’ll feel instantly stylish!

Mix Patterns And Textures

There’s no denying that white sneakers are a must-have for spring—but if you want your kicks to stand out from all the rest, mix patterns and textures. For example, wear patterned shorts with a plaid shirt and white sneakers. Or throw on an oversized, checked button-down with jeans and white sneakers—and don’t forget about accessories! Take off your kicks for a second and throw on some chunky, beaded necklaces.

Try Heels And Boots

Unlike brown shoes, most brands don’t offer womens white sneakers for women in dressier styles like heels and boots. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do some styling with your kicks. Start by adding a pop of colour with socks (i.e., black or colourful), followed by a necklace or choker (something fun, floral, or a bold hue). If you opt for jeans, stick with neutral shades like black or grey—and don’t forget the belt!

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