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May 22, 2024
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IFetch Too: The World’s 1st Interactive Dog Toy For Your Smartphone

Smartphones have taken over our lives. Instead of checking our phones for social media notifications, we check them for emails, news and apps. Apps for everything. Smartphones have also taken over our lives. They’ve become our constant companions, our go-to gadgets that help us in so many ways. Now, instead of just having a phone, smart phones have become toys too! That’s right, we’re talking about the world’s first interactive smartphone dog toy. Yes, your pup can now play with you instead of being bored on a walk. The Ifetch Too smartphone toy helps pups improve their fetching skills and keep them entertained at the same time. Let’s take a look at everything you should know about this new toy.

How Does An Interactive Smartphone Dog Toy Work?

The iFetch smartphone toy is an interactive dog toy for your pup. It allows you to throw a tennis ball remotely from your phone without getting up from the couch or taking your eyes off of whatever you’re watching. All you have to do is download the app and throw a ball with a click of your finger. The iFetch’s automated launcher then throws the ball, giving your pups 5 seconds to chase after it before returning it for another round. iFetch’s founder, Chris Smith, was originally inspired by his pet pooch! The idea came when he saw his dog Lola waiting at the door for him every night once he got home.

He wanted an easier way to get her attention and play with her while he made dinner. Once he had the idea, he spent time building prototypes in his garage until they created something worth sharing with the world. A few features of the toy that make it so popular are that it can be used indoors or outdoors, has adjustable launch distances (7-10 feet), launches balls in different directions and includes four free balls to get started right out of the box!

What You’ll Need?

The Ifetch Too requires a few things to get started. You will need your phone, the app, and the toy itself. The toy comes equipped with sensors that detect when your pup has thrown the iFetch ball and when they’ve caught it. It also has an automatic bumper that provides you with a celebratory sound effect after every successful throw and catch.

The Good Stuff

iFetch is the world’s first interactive smartphone dog toy. It’s a fun way to keep your pup entertained, and it’s also interactive. The best thing about the iFetch toy is that you can play with your pup from anywhere in the world by just downloading an app. It’s perfect for those long work days when you want to make sure your pup is getting their exercise but you can’t be there in person. Plus, this toy also helps pups improve their fetching skills by giving them a reward every time they bring the ball back.

This toy can be played with indoors or outdoors and it has adjustable settings so you can make it as challenging as your pup wants! You can adjust how far away the ball will go and how many times the ball comes back before a new one is sent out again. There are also three different difficulty levels to choose from: easy, medium and hard. If you have a sweet-natured dog who likes to play fetch all day long, iFetch would be perfect for him or her!

I Fetch Too

Is It Safe?

First of all, this toy is safe. It’s made from high-quality rubber and will never hurt your pup. This smartphone toy has been tested and approved by vets and we’re confident it would be a great addition to your pup’s toy box just like a microchip pet feeder.

Why You Should Get One

The benefits of the iFetch are many. As we all know, our pets can get bored easily with just sitting around the house. With this toy, they stay entertained while you’re busy on your phone or playing with them. This toy is also great for fetching and retrieving skills. Whenever you throw the ball, your dog will go on a hunt to find it and bring it back to you. And there’s more! The iFetch is perfect for pups that are just starting out because it has an automatic ball launcher that launches balls when your pet gets close. They’ll have fun and improve their skills at the same time!

Final Notes

Ifetch Too is the newest, interactive smartphone dog toy. It’s a contraption that you attach to your smartphone and then throw a ball in for your pup to fetch. This new toy is perfect for dogs who don’t have enough playtime or exercise. If you’re worried about your pup getting bored on long walks, this is the perfect solution for you. Your pup will be entertained for hours with a smartphone toy!