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Important things to ensure before move-out Cleaning

Nowadays half of the people live far away from their home for study and jobs in a rental property across the globe. Homeowners and landlords have to earn pretty good money from the tenant business because of students and youngsters.  There is a tenancy rule that tenant property should be delivered clean and in actual condition to get the deposit money back. Because of growing rental property cleaning, there is a huge increase in exit cleaning company demand for multiple cleanings.

According to the survey, cleaning company profits up to $30,000 to $50,000 per year. The rental tenancy rule has created a positive impact in domestic and commercial industries whether it is End of lease cleaning in Adelaide or office cleaning, people are committed to keeping their environment and property clean. Cleaning by self won’t give effective results as compared to professional cleaning.

Useful checklist before moving out of rental property :

1.Provide advance leaving notice to the landlord.

As per the rule and legal agreement, you should inform the landlord in advance about moving out as it will help the landlord to arrange other tenants for the property.

2.Check the total house condition of the property.

It’s always better to hire a professional cleaning company for tension-free moving out and secure the bond money.

3.Pay all the pending bills.

Other than rent, pay all the electricity, water, grocery store, and maintenance bills for the hassle-free move-out.

End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide

4.Discuss returning deposit money.

Before you plan exit cleaning, discuss clearly the return of bond money back and other property conditions.

5.Have a light and quick cleaning after your belonging is taken out.

Packing and unpacking can cause mild dust and debris that may make your property look dull and unprofessional clean so, clean lightly after the packing.

6.Don’t forget to hand over the property key.

After you have completed packing and prepared for move out, hand over the necessary keys of cupboards and locks to the landlord without fail. If you use your personal lock and key then you must inform the landlord and take it with you.

Final note: It shows a lot of difference between professionally cleaned property and the property cleaned by own self. So, never take a risk of exit cleaning because it may cause issues in getting bond money back. There are so many companies of End Of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide that provide customized cleaning according to needs, consult the one that fits best on your need and budget.

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