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A Pro Guide To Building The Best Pergolas Melbourne

Are you planning to build your pergola by yourself?

If yes, this is the right place to find a quick guide that will help you to build a pergola just like the Pergolas Melbourne agency.

So follow the below steps:

  • Managing Space

Before you start making your pergola, make sure you have enough space for it. However, you can build pergola of different size, shape, and design, but it is crucial to consider space while finalising any design for your pergola. Measure the space and see if the selected design will be suitable for the space you have got.

  • Define the type of pergola you want

There are tons and thousands of pergolas designs out there, which can perplex anybody’s mind. All you have to do is just find out which pergola design is going to be suitable for your place. Consider factors such as weather, material, space, and surroundings. You can also consider the cost included in building a pergola, whether making it yourself or hiring professionals of Pergola Melbourne.

  • Cutting

It is important to find the dimensions of the pergola after measuring the space where you are going to build your home pergola. Some pergolas could be 10 feet or less in size. So keep the space in mind and then start building your pergola. After that, cut the beam and joist to the necessary length.

  • Materials

Material is going to play a crucial role in the durability of your pergola. Whether you live in the rainiest area or have short summer days, these are a few factors that will help you identify the kind of material you could choose. There is a variety of materials such as marble, metal, wood, vinyl, etc. To choose the right material, you have to do a lot of research.

Pergola Melbourne

  • Shape

When you have got the woodcut perfectly at a required length, shape the ends of the rafters. You can curve them or leave them flat. It’s completely your choice. You can also consider some online designs to get a precise idea of how your pergola with curved or flat rafters.

  • Paint

No pergola is complete without a thick layer of weather protectant paint. Normally, pergolas are painted white, but you can choose any colour that matches your outdoor look. No matter which colour you choose for your pergola, just ensure that it is weather protectant and will make it durable.

  • Post Holes

From this point, the true process of pergola building begins. Use metal cures and foundation if you are making your pergola on cement to keep it stable. In case you are planning on digging on the ground, make your holes a foot or two in-depth, which depends on the type of the soil. Some people choose to dig below the frost line, which is also a great idea.

That’s how to make the most beautiful and durable Pergolas Melbourne.

If you are making a pergola for the first time, it’s preferable to hire professionals who will handle everything for you and provide you with the most attractive and durable pergola.

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