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5 Mistakes That Businesses Make When Enhancing Their Office Spaces

Whilst the obvious improvements of having a modern and concise office space might seem apparent, there are hidden pitfalls that often go under the radar. Here are five office fitout Melbourne enhancing mistakes to avoid.

Buying new office furniture

Buying new office furniture is an effective way of enhancing your office space. New furniture allows you to change up the angle and decorate differently. But beware, there are many mistakes that businesses make when shopping for new office furniture. You should not buy pieces without first looking at them in person, nor should you buy items that just crash before they can find their home. It is important to take into account getting a large piece or assembled sofa to fit into the room and determine what size the room is before even bothering with finding and buying a couch.

Having staff sit hidden away in a busy room

Many businesses use open-plan office spaces, but they are quickly abandoned when only half of the staff is being used. Instead of having all staff in one big room and pushing them to work as efficiently as possible, many companies push all the activity into an office that is not well-populated. This creates a room of nothingness with few lifelines for people without private offices or privacy. In 2018, Microsoft changed their teaching style from the old way of in front-to-back seats with no one sitting behind you and added secluded corners so that staff could collaborate better.

Not filling the space with natural light for more productivity.

Many business owners are always hoping to find new ways to improve the office fitout Melbourne so that it increases productivity. They want a well-lit workspace, fresh artwork, and an aesthetically pleasing interior for the employees. But these changes can actually backfire and be counterproductive if not done properly. A common mistake is using large amounts of natural light from windows because it will interrupt people’s focus on their work or just make them uncomfortable. Instead, use artificial light like LED bulbs that won’t cause any distractions when they start to shine with the alternating colours on surrounding walls and pillars.

Focusing on surfaces rather than covering all areas

Letting a single area become too crowded can create problems for the occupants of the office space. Employees need a place to express themselves, and for that, an individual or collaborative conversation is necessary. With too many distractions happening in one area as well, it can be hard to get people focused on their work or tasks.

Businesses and office spaces thinking outside the box

With the growing demand for technology reaching every corner of a business building, office spaces have been enhanced by adding technology like interactive whiteboards. But there’s a dark side to this trend: many present-day digital boards are not made properly and are easily broken when filled with ideas and plans throughout the day.

Wrapping up,

Business owners want their offices fitout Melbourne to make a good first impression and provide workspace for employees in order to help their businesses succeed. They may think that it’s more cost-effective to hire an interior designer or spend thousands of dollars on décor. However, these decisions can have severe repercussions on their business.

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